The following services are provided :


We offer a range of training for companies and organisations in matters relating to issues facing by transgender people.


We offer a service to Schools, Colleges and education establishment to encompass and enlighten their staff and pupils.


We offer a wide range of consultancy work, from policy forming to work place engagement . This is all tailored to your needs and that of your organisation. If you think you have a need please contact us for full information .

Public Speaking

We offer the chance for a member of our staff to come and talk at your event . This, again, will be tailored to your needs surrounding Trans Issues . Please contact us for more information .


We offer one on one support and group support at social events and  we also will endeavour to help individuals with questions on most matters.


Although we are not or do not profess to be experts on everything we will endeavor to find you the right information and advice from a wide range of resources to help you on your journey or your company with any dilemma it might face in conjunction to trans issues.